Fruit Trees – Pukalani Floral

Fruit Trees

🌱🌺 "If you want to know the future, look at the past," wisely said Albert Einstein. 

Our kupuna were wise. They had a deep connection with our 'aina, and as a result, our land took care of our people. 🌿 But in recent generations, we've become increasingly dependent on imports to feed our families. It's time to reconnect.

We're excited to share a collection of beloved food plants – staples we grew up with here on Maui. Plants like ulu, kalo, mai'a, and avocado. Also fruits like lychee and mountain apple trees. (Hanabata days kine plants)

They make the perfect addition to your home garden or a meaningful gift. Let's work towards a more sustainable Maui, ensuring food security for our community. 

All sales final on fruit trees. 3 days advanced noticed must be made before delivery.  Contact us with any questions or multiple order discounts.