Nā Mea 'Ai ~ Sustainable Arrangements – Pukalani Floral

Nā Mea 'Ai ~ Sustainable Arrangements

Introducing our "Nā Mea 'Ai Collection" 🌿🌺


In the heart of this collection, you'll find a blend of food plants set against vibrant tropical floral designs. This one-of-a-kind collection not only celebrates the beauty of Maui but also supports our island’s sustainability.


It’s become evident that Maui is food vulnerable. A single shipping hiccup or natural disaster could leave us without the sustenance we depend on, and that's a scary thought. Our “Nā Mea 'Ai Collection” is our response to this vulnerability.


Join us in the journey of gifting sustainability, because "Nā Mea 'Ai" is more than just a collection; it's about making Maui more food-independent, one beautiful arrangement at a time.

A gift of sustainable beauty, securing a future where food is a source of strength, not vulnerability. 🌱🌸


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