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“Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart.” - A Beautiful Mind (the movie)
Happy 50th Anniversary to the Makawao Library! This order was placed as a gift to celebrate and thank the Makawao Library. We created a Country Makawao style arrangement set in a wood base. Out the door for delivery. Look for it at Makawao Library and tell us what you think.
We use only the best, top of the line flowers. Freshly harvested at time of order. Order at
More about today. A thank you to a caregiver.
This order was one of those immense honors to create. This beauty was created as requested by the sender with a white theme in honor of Trucker’s birthday. Created for his mom and entire Dukes ohana. A 13 blossom Cymbidium Orchid stem dances above this arrangement accompanied by a king protea, white roses, tuberose, mums, daisies, lilies, a stem of silver tree and other signature accents carefully hand selected along with our red Ti leaf and a bird of paradise leaf. No words can describe how honored we are to have made this for the Dukes.
A Happy Birthday table top order today. Lilies and roses requested.
Out for Delivery. Another one from a daughter to her mom.
So much Love out there!
Off to Kula for a Happy Birthday wish from daughter to mom. The order was for salmon color roses set low in an arrangement. We chose two different color tones of salmon for dimension and added our Pukalani Floral signature Ti accent. This is by far our favorite rose arrangement so far.