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Desert Rose

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Desert Rose 

Will be picked intuitively.

Sorry Hawaii, these are not crack seeds. 🤣

Desert Rose is a cleansing stone and can be used in place of a selenite pillow, stick, bowl, or plate. It is made of sand and clusters of Gypsum crystals. This stone increases awareness and intuition, enhances motivation, and promotes self worth.

We all posses a natural intuition that guides us along our path to our higher good. When we become aware of this, life is much more manageable and we are able to plan for outcomes that we desire. These qualities dismisses expectations, that lead to disappointment and resentment. Desert Rose helps us to recognize our assets and to use them properly.

Desert Rose stimulates confidence, so we become more motivated in reaching goals that we tend to abandon due to not truly understanding ourselves. This stone assist in reaching enlightenment...thus, increasing our self worth.

Desert Rose is also known for abundance, bringing more opportunities to learn from so that we continue to learn more about ourselves.