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Give the Ocean a Hug!

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Stuffed Animals made form Recycled Plastic Bottles!

Choose Emma the Whale or Shelley the Sea Turtle!

Made from 6 recycled, cleaned and shredded plastic bottles.
When pressed, Emma and Shelley play the authentic whale or Turtle sound.

WHALE... Emma is the calmest whale in the Ocean. Unless you bring up Ocean Plastic Pollution. Through her immense travels all around the world, Emma has seen a lot. She cannot believe how much trash actually is floating in the ocean and are affecting all marine life daily. You might have heard of the great pacific garbage patch. It is a floating plastic garbage patch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it is larger than 2x the size of Texas / 3x the size of France. This needs to change! Help Emma to keep plastics out of Our Oceans.

TURTLE..She fights for clean and healthy oceans. Shelly is especially engaged in the fight against abandoned fishing nets which makes up for 10% of all marine debris. Help Shelly to keep plastics out of Our Oceans.

$1 from every purchase helps to SAVE marine life

  • MADE FROM 6 RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES - First the bottles are shredded, cleaned, melted. Then, they are spun into a custom fabric yarn to make our Shore Buddies stuffed animals

  • PLAYS AUTHENTIC SOUND WHEN PRESSED ~ Sound effect recorded by a professional marine biologist scientist for a truly authentic experience.





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